Regolatore di flusso luminoso Agentech

Regolatori di flusso luminoso per risparmio energetico

Regolatore di flusso luminoso per risparmio energetico.

Genius Power 2 Base


Genius Power 2 BaseThe GENIUS POWER 2 regulators are the first evolution of the GENIUS POWER range. Based on the same principle of the phase cut on II° and on IV° quadrants, these models maintain the same characteristics of efficiency above 99%, compactness and lightness. The logic of control of the power components is established by a microprocessor that grants to obtain the real effective value of the tension. Moreover they sense the load current for the protection of the device from short circuits in output. Every model can operate in combination with the products of the GENIUS CONTROL range, or they can be controlled by digital signal RS232 or by analogue signal 0÷10V. Furthermore, also the stand-alone function has been implemented with two tension levels that can be set by a dip switch. They have been projected to be placed in switchboard panels. The GENIUS POWER 2 range consists of the following models:


Genius Power 2 Base 18A (cod. ) Technical information [pdf]
Genius Power 2 Base 25A (cod. 100303)
Genius Power 2 Base 35A (cod. 100304)
Genius Power 2 Base 50A (cod. 100305)
General technical information [pdf]