The light flux regulator

Regolatori di flusso luminoso per risparmio energetico









The main economical advantages are registered for both state and private fields, with great attention to hospitals, hypermarkets, industries, public service locations, railway and airport junctions and terminals, areas used for parking and for service both in open and closed spaces, arterial roads and highways, galleries.


The light flux regulators Genius are the real evolution from the technology of the automatic voltage stabilizers.They can be installed in a new or pre-existing installation. The Genius regulator works things in such a way that the stabilized line voltage in output of the load carries out the regulation within the nominal value and a minimum value which is compatible with the kind of lamp used.

Remote control

It regulates directly the light flux according to selectable and variable parameters, historical data included.

The TLC was created for the measurement of the electric units (active energy, cosF, saved power), their storage, and upon request, communication of the collected data to the system supervisor.