The light flux regulator - Agentech

Regolatori di flusso luminoso per risparmio energetico

Regolatore di flusso luminoso per risparmio energetico.


... Agentech Srl has used all its experience in the thyristors, MOS FET and IGBT technology for power systems, in the Genius line. This permitted the company to be well known in the Italian market of energy conversion systems.
The company was founded by the coalition of some technical and commercial personnel who in 1997 founded the company. The initial experiences date back to 1976 with the acquisition of agency mandates from Westinghouse Brake and Signal semiconductor division until 1992, then transferred to AEG in the semiconductor division. Then in 2000 with Siemens IGBT for the sale of components until 2004.
In 1982, two members of the today society opted for the sale of UPS systems with a variety of brands including Exide Electronics, now Eaton Powerware, selling groups for a total of over 27,000 units with various powers. With this experience we started the production and sale of Power Stations for Telecommunications, and then add the emergency rescuers, filters for harmonic of current, inverters for induction heating, frequency and voltage converters for various applications such as engine test rooms, 400Hz converters for airport facilities.
In 2003 we started designing the power equipments Genius line, which apply to energy saving for lighting equipments, in the fields of public lighting, industrial plants and in all public buildings such as schools, supermarkets, harbors, airports, railway stations, underground garages etc; where you can attend to save energy without affecting lighting.
The production of the Genius line includes 10 system components such as: adapters /power controllers, electronic controllers, light sensors, static bypasses, A.T. for current measurements. Design and production are entirely in Italy in the Marche region in the province of Pesaro and includes approximately 30 work units distributed as follows:

  • an independent design unit
  • an SMD mounting unit for electronic boards
  • a mounting and system pre-testing unit
  • a full power testing unit
  • two units for the assembly of electrical cabinets containing all the regulatory system.
The head office, the sales office and the ownership of the trademark are in the Republic of San Marino, Strada Massilina 78-47899 Serravalle. Currently the Italian commercial branch employs a staff of 15 employees and signalers distributed in various regions, mainly in Northern Italy. The office for foreign sales in Vienna, manages 20 other agents and distributors in various countries. We currently cover markets as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Russia. Contacts are under way to expand our sales network in South America.