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Regolatori di flusso luminoso per risparmio energetico

Regolatore di flusso luminoso per risparmio energetico.

Genius Booster - Commercial Depliant

Genius Booster - - Technical Information for toroidal booster trasformer
cod. 101360 GENIUS POWER BOOSTER 60A 13,8 KVA
cod. 101361 GENIUS POWER BOOSTER 75A 17,0 KVA
cod. 101362 GENIUS POWER BOOSTER 90A 20,7 KVA
cod. 101363 GENIUS POWER BOOSTER 110A 25,3 KVA
cod. 101364 GENIUS POWER BOOSTER 150A 34,5 KVA
cod. 101365 GENIUS POWER BOOSTER 170A 39,0 KVA -

Genius Power The heart of the GENIUS POWER BOOSTER regulators remains the GENIUS POWER 2, based on the principle of the phase cut, to which a self-transformer is added in order to increase its power performances. These regulators cover in fact a power range from 13,8KVA to 39KVA maintaining the characteristics of high performance, reduced weight and space-saving. Furthermore these models present a very reduced harmonic distortion. The GENIUS BOOSTER are equipped with an integrated automatic bypass device that prevents the lamp switching off. They can operate independently with two cycles of regulation with tension to be set by dip-switch or in combination with all the models of the series GENIUS CONTROL. Assembled on a solid aluminium frame, these regulators can be installed in standard size switchboard panels.