Regolatore di flusso luminoso Agentech

Regolatori di flusso luminoso per risparmio energetico

Regolatore di flusso luminoso per risparmio energetico.

Genius Control CTRL 128 - Commercial Depliant

Genius Control CTRL 128 (cod. 100106) - Technical information [pdf]

Genius Control 128 This device allows to control single phase and three phase regulation systems. The peculiarity of GENIUS CTRL-128 is the possibility top gather the instantaneus and the total energy saving of the system.

Genius Control 64F

Genius Control CTRL64 4F (cod. 100286) - Technical information [pdf]

Genius Control CTRL 64With GENIUS CTRL-64 you can programme the operation procedure of one or more regulators. You can select up to 4 daily cycles, for each cycle you can establish the starting time, the finishing time and the tension level for the lamps. If you combine it with the luminosity sensor GENIUS SENSOR, you can assign to each cycle the required luminosity value in lux, depending on which the control will select the tension level on the lamps. With the lamp test function it is possible to establish in real time the value of the output tensions of the regulators. Moreover, a special procedure allows to modify the operation values of the regulator, such as minimum and maximum tension, variation time of the tension between one level and the other, tension of lamp lighting and time of persistence of the latter. Manufactured in modular box for omega bar to be placed into switchboard panels.