The light flux regulator

Regolatori di flusso luminoso per risparmio energetico


Regolatore di flusso luminoso per risparmio energetico.

Monitoring system for installations of regulation of the luminous flux

The remote control software allows a complete vision of the state of the connected regulators. It checks the functionality of the installation and it signals the presence of anomalies. The system is based on a server platform with connection through GPRS/UMTS network. The server acquires data in continuous from the remote systems and it stores the information in a database for the following elaborations and presentation to the operator.

The measured units are the following:

  • Input tension of each phas
  • Output tension of each phase
  • Output current of each phase
  • Costs of each phase
  • Apparent power of each phase
  • Active power of each phase
  • Reactive power of each phase
  • Saved power of the installation in Kwatt
  • Lighting state of the installation
  • Luminous probe measurement (if existing)
  • Changes of the load in comparison to the initial statement (lamp break)

You can set different levels of access and restrict the operations of configuration and setting of the alarms. The registered measurements are presented in graphic form with the possibility to select intervals of time. The charts can be displayed for single regulator or associated at will.
It is possible to define alarm thresholds on different parameters of the regulator.
You can send an alarm report to defined operators through e-mail and/or SMS.
All data can be exported in different formats compatible with the most common elaboration programmes.

The information are accessible through web browser and they can be supplied by both the intranet and the public net.

A Solution
Management and remote control carried out by the customer

Technical requirements for the supervising system of the regulators
The supervising system uses a GPRS data connection for the communication with the regulators through SIM Card sold by a telephone operator also through suitable contracts.
The regulators need a configuration with the IP address of the server in order to carry out the connection.
The connection is continuously active for the monitoring of the installation.

SIM data requirements on modem regulator
  • Unlimited time data connection (always ON)
  • Available traffic > 1Mbyte per month
  • Internet access1
Server data connection requirements
  • ADSL/HDSL connection
  • STATIC2 public IP address

1 ) The connection must not be filtered and it must allow the access to the IP of the server.
2 ) If there is a firewall, the connection through the 14555 gate must be allowed.

B Solution
Management and remote control through the hiring company

If you choose this solution, the costs of connection and of the server are completely charged to the company that hires you the service.
With this form, in order to read the electric units from the regulators (see above) you only need a simple PC connected to the external Server of the hiring company through a browser.
The stored data can be exported in different formats compatible with the most common elaboration programmes. Any anomaly in the regulators and in the system will be opportunely signalled through e-mail / SMS to the defined operators.