Regolatore di flusso luminoso Agentech

Regolatori di flusso luminoso per risparmio energetico

Regolatore di flusso luminoso per risparmio energetico.

Genius By Pass

Static Genius By Pass Zero Time

Static Genius By Pass Zero Time (cod. 100996)

Genius Control by pass The STATIC BYPASS operates combined with all of the regulators from series GENIUS POWER and does not require any auxiliary electromechanical devices. The device intervention is immediate and it avoids the switching off of the lamps connected to the flux regulator. This bypass is a mono-phase system. Also the putting back in operation is automatic and does not require the intervention of the operator on the control panel. The bypass state is signalled by a led and by an "open collector" output alarm.

Genius Control By Pass

Genius Control By Pass (cod. 100287) - Technical information [pdf]

Genius Control by pass This device has been created to implement the function of automatic electric bypass of the GENIUS POWER regulators in a regulation switchboard panel, should it so happen that, in case of over temperature or accidental failures, the regulators put the output to 0V. The GENIUS BYPASS senses the difference between the network tension and the output tension of the GENIUS POWER and, if a determined tension is surpassed, it generates a current impulse that controls an auxiliary current releaser. If you create the switchboard panel according to the instructions of the typical application of the GENIUS BYPASS, you will obtain that the load is instantaneously connected to the network tension, interrupting the regulation but avoiding darkness. The restoration of the regulation condition is to be done manually. For remote signalling of the bypass status it is possible to use the GENIUS GPRS in accordance with the typical application.

Genius By Pass Single-Phase e Three-Phase

Genius Control By Pass (cod. 100892 e 100893) - Technical information [pdf]
Genius Control by pass Genius Control by pass This bypass model, that can be either single-phase or three-phase, has been projected to control directly an auxiliary telebreaker. The intervention occurs when the tension on the lamps drops below 50% of the network tension. Such intervention is signalled by red led and by an “open collector” output alarm. The putting back in operation is automatically carried out upon restart of the regulation system. Furthermore it is possible to activate or deactivate the bypass status with the button located in the front of the device or through an input for the remote control. The single-phase version is manufactured in 2 units modular container, while the three-phase one is in 3 units modular container. They are both predisposed for omega bar rapid fixing.